Croagh Patrick

In sight of Croagh Patrick

Wandering western Ireland

The house at Moyhastin near Westport, County Mayo
  1. recycles (plastic, glass, tin, and glossy paper, all of it clean and dry);
  2. compost (that’s raw vegetables, never citrus because the acid kills the helpful bacteria);
  3. paper and cardboard (no glossy paper, thank you, it won’t compost);
  4. a specific list of leftover cooked food for the chickens: vegetables, bread, cheese, eggs, egg shells, banana peels, apple cores, pates and spreads, yogurt and cream and take-away foods (I guess the chickens don’t eat citrus);
  5. bits of leftover meat and fish (for cats and dogs);
  6. landfill (citrus goes here).
A Welshman’s companion
The ruin in Toormakeady
The Church of Ireland at Toormakeady
Croagh Patrick
Up and around Inishbofin
The ruin of Oliver Cromwell’s castle… and past a lighthouse as the ferry left Inishbofin
W. B. Yeats around town
Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery
On the left is the row of peaks that constitute the witch; on the right is the flat mound at the center of the monument, where Halloween’s sunrise shines in
Yes, Croagh Patrick’s there



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